Tuesday, November 19, 2013

12 Week Challenge results.

Okay so not liking the before and after photos but I had to do them so here they are. 
4.8kgs lost, 25cms lost and went from 20% body fat down to 15% which was my goal. I didn't quite get down to my goal weight of 65kgs but I was happy with 65.1kgs LOL. I hate my stomach in these photos but I guess I should be proud seeing I have had three kids and three c-sections - my tummy ain't too bad. Still a work in progress and guessing it always will be. I can live with that. I am enjoying my fitness right now. 

Below are some photos from the 12 Week Challenge Gala dinner. Was an awesome night and was even told by one of the female trainers at my gym that I had a smoking bod. Fabulous compliment and was chuffed to hear it. 
 Terri and I before we went in to the dinner.
Terri was nice enough to give me a lift to the dinner. She is also one of the Spartan's
in my training group. 

 Photo that hubby took of me at home. Love this dress.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

12 week dinner dress

Um yes I have a grumpy face LOL. I didn't want people to see my dress - or at least many people so thought I would just take it to see what I look like. 

6wks down for the challenge (well half way thru the week) and 6 wks to go. Weigh in is the end of this week but as of this morning I was 66.4kgs. So that means I have lost 3.5kgs in 5.5wks. Happy with that. My goal weight for this challenge is 62kgs. What do you think...?? Reckon I could get there....??? Hope so.

At least I have the curves in all the right places. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

12 week challenge has begun

What do you think of my new dress....???

I love it. It fits well but I still have a gut with it so support pants will still be needed LOL.

The new 12 Week Challenge that I signed up for has started and I am excited. I am competitive and I want to see if I can rank at least top 5 in the state at the 12 week finals dinner. Will see. There are lots of people who are entered in to the new challenge and I don't have a clue what my chances are but you know gotta just work my butt off and do my best - right.....!!!!

Start weight on the 9th August - 69.9kgs. I was shocked when I looked at the scales and saw those numbers. Was hoping to be lighter than that but hey we can't all get what we want. I guess it just means I have a little bit more to lose. Body fat according to the 4 (yep not enough) measurements that we did is 27.5%. I really should get my PT to do a proper body fat percentage just to see if there is a difference to the last time we took it. 

My diet has changed again. I now have 7 'meals' a day. Four of those are low carb protein shakes. I think it is gonna take a while to get used to it. Here is a run down of it:

11.30am - Low carb shake, one serve super greens formula with 150g sweet potato

1pm - Low carb shake with 150g sweet potato

2.30pm - 150g chicken/salmon with salad, 150g sweet potato, 50g avocado (supplements)

4.30pm - Low carb shake with super greens 

5.30pm - 150g chicken/salmon with 50g avo and salad (supplements)

7.30pm - Low carb shake with super greens, 50g avocado

9.30pm - 150g chicken/salmon with broccoli and vegies of choice ( I have cauli and carrots).

I am allowed one cheat meal a week. On my rest days I reduce my sweet potato from 150g to 100g but add in 50g of avocado. 

It is hard to consume so much sweet potato but I don't mind it - just a lot. I have been make smoothies with the shakes that have the avocado - I just can't eat it so I drink it instead. 

This will be changed in 4 weeks depending on how I am going. Will not be weighing myself at all during this period. Just don't want to be disappointed. 

Have a good weekend. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

New trainer, new things happening

Seeing only one person actually reads this I don't know whether it is worth it but hey - who cares.

I started with a new trainer 5wks ago and started on a new 'Cutting Plan'. It involves 'Intermittent Fasting' - which is essentially 14hr fast from your last meal of the day. So my last 'meal' is at 10.30 at night and I now have my first 'meal' at 12.30pm - so 14hrs. If I am not going to the gym or working out in any way I have to go until 2pm until my first meal.

It was incredibly hard the first week. I almost gave in after 3 days. Headaches, feeling lousy, no energy but by day 4 I was good. Had the energy I was lacking. I am allowed to have a cheat meal once a week - dirty as I like, so my body gets all the missing macros (I think that is what it is) from the week.

My meal plan is broken up like this:

10.30am (provided I train at 11am) - 2 Green Tea extract tabs, 1 Carnitine tab, black coffee with 1 TBS of coconut oil (yum).

12.30 - Hydrowhey shake with Waxy maize

2pm - Low carb shake with 100g sweet potato

3pm - 150g meat with raw salad/vegies, 15g coconut oil,  2x CLA's, multivitamin, fish oil and digestive enzymes.

6pm - Same as 3pm but no multivitamin. 15ml Flaxseed oil and only 5g coconut oil.

9pm - exactly the same as 3pm.

10.30 - Casein shake.

That is it. Easy right. Nope. It is extremely hard but I am already seeing results and have lost some weight - yay. Will weigh myself on Monday to see what I am and then I will (hopefully) get my PT to do my measurements. Yay. Cross your fingers for me.
Picture of me just before my 12wk challenge dinner.
I love this dress - and I got suitably drunk.

Thanks for taking the time. 


Monday, May 13, 2013

Multiple days

7th May 13

7.45am - 1 cup skim milk (90c/9g pro), 1 cup frozen strawberries (39/1.1g). 1 scoop choc protein powder (95/21.3g), 25g untoasted muesli (107/4.4g)
Total = 331 cals, 35.8g protein

11.30am - 1 large blueberry muffin 350cals - just an estimate, coffee 100cals
total = 450cals

2pm - red apple 70cals

6.30pm - steamed salmon with vegies - 247cals

7pm - orange 89 cals

Daily total = 1187cals

8th May 13 
9,30am - 1 cup smilk (90/9g), 1 cup frozen blueberries (51/1.1g), 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (76/14.4g)
Total = 217cals, 23.4g protein.

sumo salad - 228cals

2pm - orange 89
           red apple 70

5.15pm - redskin candy - 47

6.35pm - 125 cooked chicken 190cals, vegies 35cals
Total - 225

Potato chips - 250cals

Ovalteenies candy - 50

daily total = 1176

9th May 13
7.45am - Choc protein shake - 95cals 25g protein

11am - Protein shake - 181 cals
12.30pm - homemade latte with SM - 100
Mini egg white quiches with bacon, mushroom, zucchini, tomato, spinach
Total 374cals

2.45pm - red apple 70cals

4pm - 16g raw cashews  93cals

Beef mince hamburgers - 283 cals
1 egg - 78
tomato - 15
lettuce - 4

Total = 380cals

Kiwi fruit - 39cals
orange - 89cals

Daily total 1321

Did not do 10th, 11th or 12th. Sorry so slack I know.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 2

7.15am - 1 cup skim milk (90c/9g pro), 20g protein powder (75c/14g protein), 1/2 large banana (61/1.1g p), 50 g cottage cheese (42.2/ 5g p), PB2 powder (45/5g p).

Total = 313.2 cals, 34.1g protein

12.30am - 60g chicken breast (91), 40g tomato (15), 35g avocado (82), lettuce (4), baby spinach leaves (1), Wholemeal wrap (141)

Total = 334cals

4pm - 60g chicken (91), apple (70) = 161 cals

6.30 - 155g steak (274), 3 slices bread (210), salad (100) = 584

Daily total = 1392.2

Shouldn't have had the bread at dinner but couldn't help myself with dinner and steak.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Back to it.

I am back to blogging my food. I have been slack and as a result I have also hit a plateau. Hoping that because I am watching my calories again I will start losing again.

7.35am - Wholemeal bread (71), 2 egg whites (31), 1 tsp olive spread (25), = 127

10am - 5 macadamia nuts- 125cals

11.50am - 1 large fresh fig = 40cals

12.15pm - 4 Vitawheat (89), 4 tsps avocado (82), 4 tsps cottage cheese (34), 2 slices tomato (10), Tuna with tomato and onion (107) Total = 321

3.17pm - red apple 70
               small fig 20

Dinner - 125g chicken breast with paprika mix (178), 1 cup cauliflower (80), mixed vegies (35), oyster sauce & chicken stock (broth) -80cals = 373

Kiwi fruit 39cals
orange 89cals

Daily total = 1204

Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 16 - rest day

7.30am - Choc protein shake, (169/28.5g pro), PB2 powder (22.5/2.5g), Green tea powder (2)

total - 193.5 cals, 31g protein

11.30am - 2 x low fat pumpkin scones (287.5), Orange (89)

3.00pm - low fat scone (144)

5.30pm - banana 99cals

6.30pm - Spaghetti squash, canned salmon, kale, tomato, avocado, 165mls light evaporated milk (177)

7.30pm - 100g greek style yoghurt, 5 strawberries (95)

daily total = 1083 cals

Must be something I missed during the day as I cannot for the life of me remember what it was.

Day 15

6am - choc protein shake with skim milk

169cals, 28.5g protein

10.30am - Mocha coffee - 266cals

11am - apple 70 cals

1.30pm - 4 vita wheat (86.6), 2 slices of tomato (7), 66g cottage cheese (56), 1/4 avo (82)

231.6 cals

3.30pm 5 dates (80cals), avo/banana ice cream (292)

6.30pm 150g steak (274), salad (100)

Daily total = 1482.6

Day 14

7.30am - Choc protein shake - oats

260cals/36g protein

11am - Protein shake 180cals

12.30pm - apple 70 cals

6.30pm - spaghetti squash lasagna 327cals

7.45pm - Avocado, banana, honey, coconut milk "ice cream" x 2 serves 584 cals

Daily total = 1391

Day 13

7.15am - 1 egg (73/7.1g prot), 1/4 cup egg whites (31/7g), 1/2 large mushroom (3/.4g), 1/6 avocado (30/.4g), bacon (78/5.1g), green capsicum (2/.1g)

Total = 217cals, 20.1g protein

12pm - mini quiches - mushroom, avocado, bacon, tomato, 4 egg whites =

314 cals

2.45pm - 10 medium strawberries


4.15pm - 130g fresh pineapple (56), 15g almonds (90)


6pm - steamed microwave fish with vegies - 364

7.15pm - orange - 89cals

Daily total = 1179 cals

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day 12 carb day

7.30am - Choc protein shake with skim milk, (169/28.5g), 5 strawberries (25/.1g), 50g yoghurt (35/4.9g)

total = 229 cals, 33.4g protein.

11am - green banana - 99

1pm - choc protein shake with water 95cals
         4 vita wheat with avo, tomato and light tasty cheese

total 303.6 cals

2pm - 2x banana oatmeal muffins 230cals

4.15pm - apple 70

6.30 pm - 6oz roasted chicken breast (309), broccolini, carrots and cauliflower (50)

7pm 1/3 fresh pineapple = 80cals

daily total - 1369cals

Day 11 - rest day

7.15am - 1 1/2 crumpets (124/4.5g pro), olive spread 2TBS (123/0.1g pro), Vegemite x 2 tsp (23/3g)

270cals, 7.5g protein

10.20am - apple 70

12pm - mini quiches with kale, tomato, bacon, zucchini, mushroom, egg whites = (237)

3.45pm - 100g yoghurt (70), 25g blueberries (13), 44g strawberries (15) = 98cals

4.30pm - 5 dates 82

6pm - garlic prawns with cauliflower rice, broccoli and carrot (390)

8.30pm - 100g cottage cheese and biscuits - 205

Daily total = 1256

Day 10

7.30am - Protein PB shake with greek yoghurt

230/ 35g protein

12.30 - Protein shake with water - 95cals

12.45pm - 4 vitawheat (86.6), avocado (30), tomato (17), cottage cheese (43)


3pm -10 dates 164

Orange 89

6.30pm - steamed salmon fillet (326), vegies (38)

Pineapple 100g - 83

Daily total = 1201.60

Day 9

9.15am - 3oz salmon (201, 20.6g pro), 1 egg (73, 6.6g pro, 2 slices shortcut bacon (170, 17g)

Total = 457cals, 44.2g protein

11am - apple - 70

12.30 - banana - 99

4pm - 100g cottage cheese (85), 10 cheddar shapes biscuits (120)

5pm - 10 dates - 164

6.30pm - steamed fish (217), vegies (38)

Daily total 1250

Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 8 - Week 2

7.30am - Choc PB2 smoothie - 226 cals, 35g protein

12pm - 4 Vitawheat (86.6), Avocado (30), tomato (17), light tasty cheese (170)

Total = 303.6 cals

3.45pm - 100g yoghurt (58), 3 strawberries (15), 25g blueberries (13)

5 dates (80)

6pm - Spagetti Squash Lasagna 327

4 x PB protein cookies 360

Daily Total = 1388

Day 9 - Low carb

9.15am 3oz salmon (201/20.6g prot), 1 egg (73/6.6g pro), 2 slices shortcut bacon (170/17g)

Total 457 cals, 44.2g protein

11am - Apple (70)

12.30 - Banana (99)

4pm - 100g cottage cheese (85), 25g Cheddar shapes crackers (120)

5pm - 50g dates (164)

6.30pm - microwave fish (217), steamed vegies (38)

Daily Total - 1250

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 7

7.30 - Choc protein shake with skim milk (169c/28.5g pro), 1 TBS PB2 (22.5c/2.5g), 50g greek style yoghurt (35c/4.9g pro), Rolled oats (4/.1g)

total - 230 cals,  36g protein.

12.30pm - 2x chicken sausage rolls


1.30 - Blueberry muffin -

146 cals

3pm - apple

70 cals

4.20pm - 5 dates

80 cals

6.30 - Choc PB smoothie -

226 cals

Daily total = 1386 calories

Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 6 - low carb

7.30am - 1 egg (73/7.1g), 2 egg whites (31/7.4), Mushroom (4/.5g), Kale (8/.5g), tomato (17/2g), bacon (78/10.7g), capsicum (2/0.1g), avocado (30/.4g).

total = 178cals, 28.7g protein

11am - Protein shake - banana flavour

106 cals, 25g protein

12pm - 4 egg whites (equivalent to 4 whole eggs) {31}, kale (8), tomato (17), mushroom (4), bacon (78), zucchini (5)

total = 143

1pm - blueberry muffin


3pm - apple


4.30pm - 50g dried dates


5.30pm - 120g garlic prawns (326), 1 cup cauliflower (48), carrot (2), broccoli (14)

total = 390

7.40pm - choc protein shake

96 cals

Daily total = 1293cals

Day 5 - Rest day

Okay before I start Shelly I have forgotten to write down some things I ate today and I can't remember what I am missing. Sorry

7am - Protein smoothie (95cals/21g pro), 50g Yoghurt (35cals/4.9g Pro), 25g untoasted muesli (106.5c/4.4g Protein)

Total = 236.5 cals, 30.3g protein

12.30 - Chicken sausage roll (homemade) - 317cals

Mid arvo - apple 70cals

Celery sticks x 3 - 14 cals

6.30pm - Roast lamb 400cals (estimation as I can't find on my calorie calculator)
                vegies - 40cals

Total = 1077.50 cals

As I said I am missing something here but just can't remember what it is.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 4 Carb day

Yep I stole this from you Shelly

7am - 30g Special K breakfast cereal (113cals, 2.9g Protein), 1/4 cup skim milk (18cals, 1.8g Protein),
          Protein shake (135cals, 18g protein)

8.15am - 2 x low fat blueberry muffins (293cals, 7.4g protein)

Total = 559 cals, 30.1g Protein

11am - Protein shake 135cals

12pm - 2 slices multigrain bread (133c), 26g cottage cheese (22c), 32g tomato (6), 50g chicken (83), 30g lettuce (5), 2 x blueberry muffins (293)

Total = 542cals

2pm - large kiwi fruit - 52cals

4pm - 3 celery stalks - 15cals

6pm - cup vegies (38), Garlic Parmasan steamed fish (145 cals)

total = 183

Daily total = 1486 cals

Finding it hard to keep a track. Might have to do a proper journal so I don't lose it. :)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 3 - low carb day

7.15am - 2 whole eggs (146cals, 13.2g protein), 1 mushroom (4cals, .5g Protein), 1/6 avocado (38cals, .4g protein), 1 slice bacon (78cals, 10.7g protein), 1/4 tomatob(17cals, 2g protein)

total = 283 cals, 26.8g protein

protein shake = 106cals, 25g protein

10am - banana - 99 cals, 1.9g protein

1pm - protein shake = 135 cals, 18g protein
          Wholemeal roll (160cals, 7.4g protein), 100g chicken (182cals, 20.6g protein), lettuce (3cals, .3g protein), 1/2 tomato (11cals, 0.6g protein), avocado (38cals, .4g protein)

total = 529cals, 47.3g protein

2.30pm - Apple - 68cals, .4g protein

4pm - 3 celery stalks = 14cals, .5g protein

6.30pm - Oven baked salmon (254cals, 21.1g protein), vegies (40cals, 1.8g protein)

total - 294cals, 22.9g protein

daily total = 1393cals, 124.8g protein

Day 2 Carb day

7am - 3.5oz salmon fillet (201cals, 20.6g protein), 150g curried potato salad (161.25cals, 12.3g protein)
          Protein Shake = 135 cals, 18g protein

total = 497.50 cals, 50.9 protein

11am - 100g pineapple (83cals, .2 protein), Protein shake (135 cals, 18g protein)

total = 218 cals, 18,2g protein

12.30pm - apple (68cals, .4g protein)

1.30 - Sushi - 2 x Prawn (352cals, 12.5g protein), 1 x avocado (195cals, 1.9g protein)

total = 547cals, 14.4g protein

6.30pm - spagetti squash lasagna

total = 327cals, 16.75

Daily total = 1657.5 cals, 100.65g protein

- I must say there is not many carbs in there. Still learning all about them.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day 1 - Food diary

Rest day even though it is the first day of the 12wk challenge

Low carb

7.30am - 2 full eggs (13.2 protein, 146 cals), 1 egg white (3.7g Protein, 16 cals), 14gms Mushroom (.5 Prot, 4 cals), 10g cherry tomatoes (2 cals, .1 prot), 12gms green capsicum (3 cals, .2 prot), 10g Kale (.3 prot, 5 cals), 18g avocado (37cals, .4 prot), 1 teaspoon coconut oil (34cals).

Protein shake (135cals, 18g protein)

382 calories, 36.4g protein

10.15am - 2 x protein muffins

60 calories, 6g protein

1pm - 4 vita wheat biscuits (86.6 cals, 2.8g prot.), 1/6 avocado (38cals, .4g prot.), 1/2 tomato (11 cals, .6 prot.), cottage cheese (34cals, 4 protein)

169.6 calories, 7.8g protein

3.30 - 1 large kiwi fruit (52 cals, 1.2 prot), Apple (68 cals, .4g protein)

120 calories, 1.6g protein

6.45pm - Oven baked salmon (254cals, 21.1g protein), salad (this is an approximation sorry Shelly - 150cals)

8pm - 20 almonds 144cals, 4.7g protein

Total for the day:

77.40g protein 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Official start date 12wk challenge

I weighed myself and a little disappointed but it will drop. These are the measurements taken this morning.

Weight: 74.8kgs/164.9lbs
Arm: 34.5cms
Bust: 94cms
Waist: 85cms
Hips: 94cms
Gutt: 87cms
Leg: 63cms
Calf: 46cms
Knee (just above): 46cms

Why the gutt - well after having 3 children I have what I call the Mummy pouch. It is ugly but want to know how big it was at the start and then at the finish.

The knee and calf - well they are my problem areas on my legs. Personally I have the worst looking legs but if I lose lots of fat they should be shapely.

I had to laugh though - look at the bust, waist, hips measurements. I have an hourglass - I knew it but it is in perfect proportion.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 1 - Carb Day

With my new eating plan my nutritionist has asked me to keep a food journal and put up on my blog. So here we are. Let's get it done I suppose LOL.

5.30am - 40min walk

7am - 3.5oz (100gms) salmon, 1 full egg, 1 scoop protein powder
          = 409 cals & 45.2g Protein (according to our calorie calculator.

9am - Banana = 99 cals, 1.9g protein

9.15am - 5min eliptical trainer.
            - Weights training - 1hr
            - 15mins treadmill walking

11.30am - 100gms pineapple pieces, Protein shake
             = 218 cals & 18g protein

12.30 - Chicken Sausage rolls - homemade with kale, zucchini, carrot, pastry, 1/2 onion, chicken mince, curry powder, egg = 460 cals & 24g protein. 

3.45pm - 2 small kiwi fruit = 62 cals, 1.4g protein

5.45pm - Spaghetti squash lasagna = 327cals & 16.75g protein. 

Total = 1585 cals & 106.05g protein

Phew - too many calories I think. Next time will cook the lasagna with no cheese sauce - yes you read it right but I have to eat it - I hate food waste. 

PS. the photo although ugly is the spaghetti squash. 

New challenge New beginning and nutritional help

I am competitive as they come. I love a challenge so have joined up with the 12 Week Fitter Faster Stronger challenge at the gym. Thankfully I have a girlfriend who I did the Zumba challenge with joining me. She is my competition and I want to win. I want it badly - of course having a nicer looking body doesn't hurt either. So no more junk. I am gonna do it. I will be the winner - you watch out baby.

So in my quest for my 'perfect' body (in my mind anyway) I have some help. The gorgeous Shelly (hi my dear) is helping me with my nutrition. Having a friend who is studying it is very helpful and day 1 is already turning in to a good day. It is funny as I feel better already and only started. Maybe it is all that protein I consumed this morning for breakfast. 

So I will be posting up photos later in the weekend. I will also weigh myself tomorrow morning first thing so you know where I am starting at. (Seeing you are the only probably reading this Shelly I will do the photos- eeekkkk). 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I think I am obsessed

My body is a Maori body. I have really chunky but muscly legs, big boobs thanks to both my parents and big arms. If I were to work all these muscles along with some weight loss I would actually have a nice muscular body. 

So in my thinking I have decided that I would do the 'bodybuilding' although that is not what it is called now. I am gonna try and have a six pack. Nice shaped arms. No cellulite (I can only wish). Increase my strength and fitness levels. Not much to try to achieve. I am sick of looking at the woman in the mirror. The fat. The love handles. I hate it all. I think the only good thing about my body would be the size of my (.)(.) and the shoulders. At least I have nice broad shoulders and an hourglass figure. 

In my quest to try and achieve my 'ideal' body I have been obsessed with body building sites and looking at pics on Pinterest. Ahhhh I am hopeless. I can only dream of some of those bodies on there but it is my motivation to stick with it.

I have my BIL's wedding at the end of March so my goal at this stage is to get down to 70kgs. Can I do it...?? I hope so. I have 6wks from today to lose that weight. 8kgs in that amount of time I think is achievable - what do you think. Hmmm don't know whether anyone actually follows or reads my posts on here. If you do - thanks. 

As for support. Hmm my hubby thinks I can lose the weight but in regards to me getting that muscular looks - he doesn't like it but hey this is all about how I feel when I look in the mirror and not about what floats his boat. I am doing this for me. Only me. Wish me luck. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Monthly checkin

So it has been hard with the kids being on holidays. I haven't been able to get to the gym at all during the week except on a Monday night to go to Bodycombat. Yes I am addicted to the class. The intense martial arts, boxing and karate that is part of Bodycombat appeals to me greatly so I am addicted LOL. I lose my breath from time to time and it is my kick up the butt that - Hey you are so unfit...!!!

With the kids going back to school and my little girl starting her first year this coming Wednesday I am excited. I need the ME time but I will also be sad that my baby will not be at home with me most of the time. I will be going to the gym most days except Wednesday for the month of Feb and then watch out baby. I will be there with bells on every day. My break day with be Saturday. I have to commit. I have to do it. Not liking what you see in the mirror is not good.

I bought a dress for my BIL's wedding that is at the end of March. It is a UK size 12 so supposed to be an Aussie size 14 but I got it yesterday and it is super tight. I had to put on my Spanx just to get it over my hips and couldn't get the zipper up to the top. So another big incentive to do it. To get down to my goal weight. Hopefully I make it there. 65kgs is the goal and I have about 12kgs to go. Maybe not by the wedding but my ultimate goal weight. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Back to the start

So what is your New Years resolution......???

Like many, mine is to shed the unwanted kilos. I have not been on for a while. Reason...???!!! Coz I piled the weight back on. I mean I got back up to 83.2kgs and although I am now down to 79kgs I am ashamed. Disappointed in myself that I let it get to that extreme. What have I done....??? I joined the gym. Yep. 

I had to give up my beloved Zumba at the start of 2012 as I couldn't afford it anymore and decided that the gym would be the best way to get back in to it seeing I can now afford it again. So my weightloss started again about 2mths ago and I have a long way to go. 

I have my BIL's wedding at the end of March and that is my aim. To be down to a smaller size. Nope no weightloss goal just to look better than I do now. I have lost 12.5cms all over in the past month and plan on keeping that my standard over the next 3mths. 

I want to get toned. Starting today I will work harder and sweat more than I think I have in my entire life. I am determined.

Thanks for reading.