Saturday, February 23, 2013

Official start date 12wk challenge

I weighed myself and a little disappointed but it will drop. These are the measurements taken this morning.

Weight: 74.8kgs/164.9lbs
Arm: 34.5cms
Bust: 94cms
Waist: 85cms
Hips: 94cms
Gutt: 87cms
Leg: 63cms
Calf: 46cms
Knee (just above): 46cms

Why the gutt - well after having 3 children I have what I call the Mummy pouch. It is ugly but want to know how big it was at the start and then at the finish.

The knee and calf - well they are my problem areas on my legs. Personally I have the worst looking legs but if I lose lots of fat they should be shapely.

I had to laugh though - look at the bust, waist, hips measurements. I have an hourglass - I knew it but it is in perfect proportion.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

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