Saturday, August 17, 2013

12 week challenge has begun

What do you think of my new dress....???

I love it. It fits well but I still have a gut with it so support pants will still be needed LOL.

The new 12 Week Challenge that I signed up for has started and I am excited. I am competitive and I want to see if I can rank at least top 5 in the state at the 12 week finals dinner. Will see. There are lots of people who are entered in to the new challenge and I don't have a clue what my chances are but you know gotta just work my butt off and do my best - right.....!!!!

Start weight on the 9th August - 69.9kgs. I was shocked when I looked at the scales and saw those numbers. Was hoping to be lighter than that but hey we can't all get what we want. I guess it just means I have a little bit more to lose. Body fat according to the 4 (yep not enough) measurements that we did is 27.5%. I really should get my PT to do a proper body fat percentage just to see if there is a difference to the last time we took it. 

My diet has changed again. I now have 7 'meals' a day. Four of those are low carb protein shakes. I think it is gonna take a while to get used to it. Here is a run down of it:

11.30am - Low carb shake, one serve super greens formula with 150g sweet potato

1pm - Low carb shake with 150g sweet potato

2.30pm - 150g chicken/salmon with salad, 150g sweet potato, 50g avocado (supplements)

4.30pm - Low carb shake with super greens 

5.30pm - 150g chicken/salmon with 50g avo and salad (supplements)

7.30pm - Low carb shake with super greens, 50g avocado

9.30pm - 150g chicken/salmon with broccoli and vegies of choice ( I have cauli and carrots).

I am allowed one cheat meal a week. On my rest days I reduce my sweet potato from 150g to 100g but add in 50g of avocado. 

It is hard to consume so much sweet potato but I don't mind it - just a lot. I have been make smoothies with the shakes that have the avocado - I just can't eat it so I drink it instead. 

This will be changed in 4 weeks depending on how I am going. Will not be weighing myself at all during this period. Just don't want to be disappointed. 

Have a good weekend.