Monday, February 21, 2011

New Scales

Okay seeing my hubby was sick of me complaining about our scales he cashed in some Flybuys points and got me a new electronic bathroom scales. I am not too sure about it as I have to go through a lot of things to get to just weighing myself but I guess I will get used to it. So on the new scales I weight 82.1kgs. So what I will now do it go by my starting weight on the scales at Zumba in Melbourne. So that means I have lost 4.6kgs in 5wks. I must say I am disappointed as I was hoping for 1kg a week but I guess I should be thankful that I am losing no matter how much I lose.

Feeling very tired and have no energy today. Getting up at the butt crack of dawn is not helping. This morning the sun wasn't even up yet when I got home and that was at 6.20am. Ahhh I hate walking in the dark. Think the treadmill will start being used soon if this weather continues too. One thing I hate about the treadmill is I get bored. I can't seem to motivate myself to keep walking. Instead of a 40min walk I can only manage 20mins. I hope I can get over that but who knows.

How is everyone else weightloss going...??
Hope you are having much sucess.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

I have lost..... mind. LOL. JJ.....!!!!!!

Nah. I did some measuring last night. Even though I have not lost any kg's this week I have lost cm's. Are you ready....??? I have lost 2cms off my waist and 4cms off my hips. Woot....!!!! All that walking is starting to pay off. I must admit though I am a little disappointed in myself for not losing any weight but hoping that means I have actually built some muscle. I am feeling fit but sometimes I am so tired during the day from getting up early in the morning for a walk that I just fall asleep when I sit on the couch. I am trying to get early nights but that is not working. I don't want to have to give up my hobbies just for the sake of exercising so pfffttttt I will endure - as always.

I really am trying my hardest not to 'force' the kids not to have treats but when they are in the house the temptation is sometimes too much. This week - I am ashamed to say it - but the kids had lollies so I had some too. Not as many as I would have in the past but I had some none the less. I also am trying to find fun cakes etc to make and let the kids eat. Am going to do it mainly for birthdays etc but I am trying to practice so I don't make an awful mess of things when the time comes. Yet again that is another temptation so I do have to be careful. I guess it comes down to a lot of will power.

Anyway have a great weekend my lovely followers. Have a great Monday.

Happy Valentines....!!!!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

So proud of myself

Okay so it is nearly the end of Week 3 of the 12 Week Weightloss Challenge at Zumba in Melbourne so I thought I would brave the scales again. On Monday 31st Jan I jumped on the scales at Zumba and I weighed the same as my starting weight. I will be honest I was crushed but it was at night and I had been eating all day and just did an hour session of Zumba and drank lots of water. Anyway, I thought I would brave the scales again here at home. I closed my eyes and then I looked. Oh thank god. I have lost a total of 3.2kgs in 3 weeks. Yay...........!!!! So very excited. I have been getting lots of support from Amy (Zumba instructor). I really would love to win this challenge. I really do think that this year is my year for personal growth and acceptance (but would love to get down to a manageable weight).

I have been watching 'The Biggest Loser'. Hahahaha so funny. Isn't it funny how large people have all the excuses not to keep going which is what got them there in the first place. Kinda need to get in the right headspace before taking of such a big task. I was astounded by how much weight the trainers put on in just a week. Eating lots of junk and not doing any exercise did the job. Most of them put on like 5kgs each in a week. Now I would love to lose that in a week not put it on but just shows how easy it is. Is it any wonder they are so large. I love Jodie from the Moon family. She is a mum too and she has struggled but she is pushing and is an inspiration. I say great work to her.

That is all.
Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Note to self

Do not buy shoes on the internet, unless you have tried them on in the shop first and got a better deal online. OMG I should know by now. I bought a pair of high heels in June for my sisters wedding and they killed my feet. They were slightly too big and they had the hardest toes I have ever encountered. Well I bought myself a pair of Reebok Easytone walking shoes. OMG they are made for people with narrow feet. I have the widest feet in the world and they killed when I went for my power walk this morning as they are so so so tight. They were okay walking around home and in the supermarket but for a proper walk they are no good. Grrrrr....!!!!!

Oh and just have to say that I did not end up getting the clothes from Just Lois. They advised me that they couldn't process credit cards and that I had to pay via eftpos or cheque. I promptly told them that I could only do the card and cancel my order. I hate it when that happens and I get so grumpy.

I am feeling a change in my clothes now. I put on a pair of shorts that I bought for our holiday away at the start of the year and they were pretty tight. Now they fit me perfectly. Hoping to get a lot smaller. In fact I would love to get down to a size 12. I almost got there about 4years ago just before I got pregnant with Ashley. I got down to 72kgs when I was on the Tony Ferguson Weightloss program. The meal replacement shakes do work but in the long term they aren't suitable for me.

I have found Pita chips to be absolutely beautiful and I am addicted to Gojo berries (can find in the health food isle or with the dried fruits). Greek Style Natural Yoghurt with berries is also becoming a favourite too. I would never have had natural yoghurt before but I don't mind it now. Hmmm what else. I have more energy at the moment. Don't know whether it is from just healthier living or whether it is from the Real Me supplements I have been taking. Either way I am feeling better and am less cranky with the kids.

That's it for today. Boo. ;P

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Need to clarify

I just read on the Zumba in Melbourne FB page about a girl who does not love herself. I am sad. I so felt that way a lot of the time especially when I was in High School. I have truly battled with my weight all my life. My fault but even still it does not give anyone the right to tease you or make fun of you or make you feel like you are not worth it. My BIL teased me throughout my whole teenage years. Always used to call me fat. I am truly lucky that I am not the type of person who let it get to me as I may have ended up like all the anorexic girls out there. It still hurt. I dreaded seeing my BIL and frankly my sister did not defend me one little bit. Of course she was always tiny - my BIL doesn't like fat chicks. Ahhhhhhh....!!!!!!

Please do not feel like you aren't worth it. Everyone has to play a role in this world and do not think any different. It will take some hard work but you will get there and if you stay like that for the rest of your life you will love yourself forever.


Okay on to another subject. LOL.

Biggest Loser.

I know I know. It really is not the right way to go about weightloss - who has the opportunity to have a person trainer push you for hours and hours every day...??? Who limits their food to an unreasonable amount to lose massive amounts of weight but the show is still addictive.

OMG the food they ate. I watched the first episode on Sunday and I was almost sick as well like Michelle was when she ate the food. Seriously I have to ask who puts that much food in their bodies. I just can't imagine eating that amount of food. I used to eat a lot of crap but it was nothing compared to that. I used to eat some lollies, chocolate, creamy pasta but not to that extent - thank God. I could imagine how big I would be too if I ate that much shitty food.

I must add too that one of the girls commented that she was never shown what healthy food was for 3 years. Hang on a minute. Have you never been in to a supermarket in your life....???? Do you not have a brain...??? That is not an excuse to know what and what is not healthy for you. Bad childhood or not it is a crappy excuse.

I am out before I offend anyone. If I have I apologize.