Thursday, April 21, 2011

I won I won -

Here is a photo of me with the finalists of the 12 Week Zumba in Melbourne challenge. Unfortunately I don't know all the names but 2nd from the left is Gina, Jason (Amy's husband), Amy, Chris and then me. The one down front and cenre is Tracy (Zumba instructor).

Absolutely over the moon that I won but looking at that photo I still have a long way to go but hoping that over the next 3-6mths I will lose another 9-10kgs which is so achievable. Need to - still not happy with myself but so much happier than I was before.

Thanks everyone for your support.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

The results are in

I got my official weighin done at Zumba in Melbourne. I am rapt beyond belief. It has been such a wonderful journey which I intend on continuing after this challenge - well and truly.

Okay so here are the stats:

Start: Finish: Loss:

Weight - 86.7kgs............77.7kgs ............9kgs
body Fat - 41.7% ...........38% .................3.7%
Fat Viscal Rating -9 ........7...................... 2
Lean Mass kg - 48.1kgs ..45.7 ..............2.4kgs
Waist - 92cm .................84.5cm ...........5.5cm
Hips - 110cm ..................93cm ..............17cm
Thighs - 65cm................64.5cm........... 0.5cm
Arms - 35cm .................29.5cm............ 5.5cm

Can you say ecstatic....???? Can you say pumped....????? I will always be grateful to the ZIM team.

Now I am not one to show 'fat' pics of myself but thought I would show you anyway. Here are my before and after photos side by side.

Front view
Side view
You can see the difference in my face and look at that butt....!!!! Yay.

I went shopping after my weigh in as my reward to myself and I spent - Hold you breath - $265 on clothes at Rebelsport. Woot. Was lots of fun. Now I have smaller clothes for myself and warmer ones for Winter. Yay.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yep another post

Hey lovely ladies. How are we all going...?? Good I hope. Well here in this neck of the woods we are cruising along. I guess in the scheme of things we are all doing wonderful. School holidays suck and with this rain the kids have cabin fever and I also am annoyed as I can't go for a walk in the mornings. Talk about depressing weather.

Let's see. In weight loss news I decided to weigh myself yesterday and I am down to 76kgs. That means if it is right I have actually lost 10.7kgs. Yay. My first major goal has been achieved. Now on to the next goal - to get down to 70kgs. Once I have got there I want to get down to 64kgs - my goal weight. I think I can do it and I am sure with the support I am currently getting I will be motivated enough to get there. The Zumba in Melbourne team have been my best motivators and hopefully they will continue even after this challenge is over.

This coming Saturday morning I have my weighin. Eeeeekkkk....!!! Wish me luck. I want to win win win LOL. On the Thursday following they are doing a Zumba Party with the winner of the challenge being annouced. Should be heaps of fun. Bring it baby. I am staying positive but of course there were 39 other participants.

Okay that is all for today. Thanks for reading my rants.

Monday, April 11, 2011

12 Week Challenge officially over

Wow it has been 12 weeks already on the Weight Loss challenge and I am pleased to say that I have lost a lovely 9.5kgs. Woo hoo. Yay....!!! So so so rapt about it. I didn't weigh myself today but that is what I weighed last week so I am sticking to it. So that means I now weigh 77.2 kgs. Woo hoo. Another 3kgs and I will be down to the weight I was when I got pregnant with my little Miss. So basically it has been 4yrs since I weighed this weight.

It has been a challenge over the last two weeks. My eldest had his birthday on the 23rd of March and my other son had his birthday on the 6th of April so I had naughty food. But hey it is a special occasion and I truly did need a little break. Apart from that I haven't done much. I was trying to walk two times a day whilst my hubby was on three weeks of holidays but I was suffering from bad headaches and nausea. Don't know why and the Dr wasn't much help. Doesn't matter though now as the headaches are not as severe so can go walking again. Woot.

Will have my weigh in on Saturday so essentially have another week to get some weight off. Wish me luck. I would love to lose 10kgs in total.