Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yep another post

Hey lovely ladies. How are we all going...?? Good I hope. Well here in this neck of the woods we are cruising along. I guess in the scheme of things we are all doing wonderful. School holidays suck and with this rain the kids have cabin fever and I also am annoyed as I can't go for a walk in the mornings. Talk about depressing weather.

Let's see. In weight loss news I decided to weigh myself yesterday and I am down to 76kgs. That means if it is right I have actually lost 10.7kgs. Yay. My first major goal has been achieved. Now on to the next goal - to get down to 70kgs. Once I have got there I want to get down to 64kgs - my goal weight. I think I can do it and I am sure with the support I am currently getting I will be motivated enough to get there. The Zumba in Melbourne team have been my best motivators and hopefully they will continue even after this challenge is over.

This coming Saturday morning I have my weighin. Eeeeekkkk....!!! Wish me luck. I want to win win win LOL. On the Thursday following they are doing a Zumba Party with the winner of the challenge being annouced. Should be heaps of fun. Bring it baby. I am staying positive but of course there were 39 other participants.

Okay that is all for today. Thanks for reading my rants.

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