Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 4 Carb day

Yep I stole this from you Shelly

7am - 30g Special K breakfast cereal (113cals, 2.9g Protein), 1/4 cup skim milk (18cals, 1.8g Protein),
          Protein shake (135cals, 18g protein)

8.15am - 2 x low fat blueberry muffins (293cals, 7.4g protein)

Total = 559 cals, 30.1g Protein

11am - Protein shake 135cals

12pm - 2 slices multigrain bread (133c), 26g cottage cheese (22c), 32g tomato (6), 50g chicken (83), 30g lettuce (5), 2 x blueberry muffins (293)

Total = 542cals

2pm - large kiwi fruit - 52cals

4pm - 3 celery stalks - 15cals

6pm - cup vegies (38), Garlic Parmasan steamed fish (145 cals)

total = 183

Daily total = 1486 cals

Finding it hard to keep a track. Might have to do a proper journal so I don't lose it. :)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 3 - low carb day

7.15am - 2 whole eggs (146cals, 13.2g protein), 1 mushroom (4cals, .5g Protein), 1/6 avocado (38cals, .4g protein), 1 slice bacon (78cals, 10.7g protein), 1/4 tomatob(17cals, 2g protein)

total = 283 cals, 26.8g protein

protein shake = 106cals, 25g protein

10am - banana - 99 cals, 1.9g protein

1pm - protein shake = 135 cals, 18g protein
          Wholemeal roll (160cals, 7.4g protein), 100g chicken (182cals, 20.6g protein), lettuce (3cals, .3g protein), 1/2 tomato (11cals, 0.6g protein), avocado (38cals, .4g protein)

total = 529cals, 47.3g protein

2.30pm - Apple - 68cals, .4g protein

4pm - 3 celery stalks = 14cals, .5g protein

6.30pm - Oven baked salmon (254cals, 21.1g protein), vegies (40cals, 1.8g protein)

total - 294cals, 22.9g protein

daily total = 1393cals, 124.8g protein

Day 2 Carb day

7am - 3.5oz salmon fillet (201cals, 20.6g protein), 150g curried potato salad (161.25cals, 12.3g protein)
          Protein Shake = 135 cals, 18g protein

total = 497.50 cals, 50.9 protein

11am - 100g pineapple (83cals, .2 protein), Protein shake (135 cals, 18g protein)

total = 218 cals, 18,2g protein

12.30pm - apple (68cals, .4g protein)

1.30 - Sushi - 2 x Prawn (352cals, 12.5g protein), 1 x avocado (195cals, 1.9g protein)

total = 547cals, 14.4g protein

6.30pm - spagetti squash lasagna

total = 327cals, 16.75

Daily total = 1657.5 cals, 100.65g protein

- I must say there is not many carbs in there. Still learning all about them.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day 1 - Food diary

Rest day even though it is the first day of the 12wk challenge

Low carb

7.30am - 2 full eggs (13.2 protein, 146 cals), 1 egg white (3.7g Protein, 16 cals), 14gms Mushroom (.5 Prot, 4 cals), 10g cherry tomatoes (2 cals, .1 prot), 12gms green capsicum (3 cals, .2 prot), 10g Kale (.3 prot, 5 cals), 18g avocado (37cals, .4 prot), 1 teaspoon coconut oil (34cals).

Protein shake (135cals, 18g protein)

382 calories, 36.4g protein

10.15am - 2 x protein muffins

60 calories, 6g protein

1pm - 4 vita wheat biscuits (86.6 cals, 2.8g prot.), 1/6 avocado (38cals, .4g prot.), 1/2 tomato (11 cals, .6 prot.), cottage cheese (34cals, 4 protein)

169.6 calories, 7.8g protein

3.30 - 1 large kiwi fruit (52 cals, 1.2 prot), Apple (68 cals, .4g protein)

120 calories, 1.6g protein

6.45pm - Oven baked salmon (254cals, 21.1g protein), salad (this is an approximation sorry Shelly - 150cals)

8pm - 20 almonds 144cals, 4.7g protein

Total for the day:

77.40g protein 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Official start date 12wk challenge

I weighed myself and a little disappointed but it will drop. These are the measurements taken this morning.

Weight: 74.8kgs/164.9lbs
Arm: 34.5cms
Bust: 94cms
Waist: 85cms
Hips: 94cms
Gutt: 87cms
Leg: 63cms
Calf: 46cms
Knee (just above): 46cms

Why the gutt - well after having 3 children I have what I call the Mummy pouch. It is ugly but want to know how big it was at the start and then at the finish.

The knee and calf - well they are my problem areas on my legs. Personally I have the worst looking legs but if I lose lots of fat they should be shapely.

I had to laugh though - look at the bust, waist, hips measurements. I have an hourglass - I knew it but it is in perfect proportion.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 1 - Carb Day

With my new eating plan my nutritionist has asked me to keep a food journal and put up on my blog. So here we are. Let's get it done I suppose LOL.

5.30am - 40min walk

7am - 3.5oz (100gms) salmon, 1 full egg, 1 scoop protein powder
          = 409 cals & 45.2g Protein (according to our calorie calculator.

9am - Banana = 99 cals, 1.9g protein

9.15am - 5min eliptical trainer.
            - Weights training - 1hr
            - 15mins treadmill walking

11.30am - 100gms pineapple pieces, Protein shake
             = 218 cals & 18g protein

12.30 - Chicken Sausage rolls - homemade with kale, zucchini, carrot, pastry, 1/2 onion, chicken mince, curry powder, egg = 460 cals & 24g protein. 

3.45pm - 2 small kiwi fruit = 62 cals, 1.4g protein

5.45pm - Spaghetti squash lasagna = 327cals & 16.75g protein. 

Total = 1585 cals & 106.05g protein

Phew - too many calories I think. Next time will cook the lasagna with no cheese sauce - yes you read it right but I have to eat it - I hate food waste. 

PS. the photo although ugly is the spaghetti squash. 

New challenge New beginning and nutritional help

I am competitive as they come. I love a challenge so have joined up with the 12 Week Fitter Faster Stronger challenge at the gym. Thankfully I have a girlfriend who I did the Zumba challenge with joining me. She is my competition and I want to win. I want it badly - of course having a nicer looking body doesn't hurt either. So no more junk. I am gonna do it. I will be the winner - you watch out baby.

So in my quest for my 'perfect' body (in my mind anyway) I have some help. The gorgeous Shelly (hi my dear) is helping me with my nutrition. Having a friend who is studying it is very helpful and day 1 is already turning in to a good day. It is funny as I feel better already and only started. Maybe it is all that protein I consumed this morning for breakfast. 

So I will be posting up photos later in the weekend. I will also weigh myself tomorrow morning first thing so you know where I am starting at. (Seeing you are the only probably reading this Shelly I will do the photos- eeekkkk). 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I think I am obsessed

My body is a Maori body. I have really chunky but muscly legs, big boobs thanks to both my parents and big arms. If I were to work all these muscles along with some weight loss I would actually have a nice muscular body. 

So in my thinking I have decided that I would do the 'bodybuilding' although that is not what it is called now. I am gonna try and have a six pack. Nice shaped arms. No cellulite (I can only wish). Increase my strength and fitness levels. Not much to try to achieve. I am sick of looking at the woman in the mirror. The fat. The love handles. I hate it all. I think the only good thing about my body would be the size of my (.)(.) and the shoulders. At least I have nice broad shoulders and an hourglass figure. 

In my quest to try and achieve my 'ideal' body I have been obsessed with body building sites and looking at pics on Pinterest. Ahhhh I am hopeless. I can only dream of some of those bodies on there but it is my motivation to stick with it.

I have my BIL's wedding at the end of March so my goal at this stage is to get down to 70kgs. Can I do it...?? I hope so. I have 6wks from today to lose that weight. 8kgs in that amount of time I think is achievable - what do you think. Hmmm don't know whether anyone actually follows or reads my posts on here. If you do - thanks. 

As for support. Hmm my hubby thinks I can lose the weight but in regards to me getting that muscular looks - he doesn't like it but hey this is all about how I feel when I look in the mirror and not about what floats his boat. I am doing this for me. Only me. Wish me luck.