Thursday, February 7, 2013

I think I am obsessed

My body is a Maori body. I have really chunky but muscly legs, big boobs thanks to both my parents and big arms. If I were to work all these muscles along with some weight loss I would actually have a nice muscular body. 

So in my thinking I have decided that I would do the 'bodybuilding' although that is not what it is called now. I am gonna try and have a six pack. Nice shaped arms. No cellulite (I can only wish). Increase my strength and fitness levels. Not much to try to achieve. I am sick of looking at the woman in the mirror. The fat. The love handles. I hate it all. I think the only good thing about my body would be the size of my (.)(.) and the shoulders. At least I have nice broad shoulders and an hourglass figure. 

In my quest to try and achieve my 'ideal' body I have been obsessed with body building sites and looking at pics on Pinterest. Ahhhh I am hopeless. I can only dream of some of those bodies on there but it is my motivation to stick with it.

I have my BIL's wedding at the end of March so my goal at this stage is to get down to 70kgs. Can I do it...?? I hope so. I have 6wks from today to lose that weight. 8kgs in that amount of time I think is achievable - what do you think. Hmmm don't know whether anyone actually follows or reads my posts on here. If you do - thanks. 

As for support. Hmm my hubby thinks I can lose the weight but in regards to me getting that muscular looks - he doesn't like it but hey this is all about how I feel when I look in the mirror and not about what floats his boat. I am doing this for me. Only me. Wish me luck. 

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