Friday, February 22, 2013

New challenge New beginning and nutritional help

I am competitive as they come. I love a challenge so have joined up with the 12 Week Fitter Faster Stronger challenge at the gym. Thankfully I have a girlfriend who I did the Zumba challenge with joining me. She is my competition and I want to win. I want it badly - of course having a nicer looking body doesn't hurt either. So no more junk. I am gonna do it. I will be the winner - you watch out baby.

So in my quest for my 'perfect' body (in my mind anyway) I have some help. The gorgeous Shelly (hi my dear) is helping me with my nutrition. Having a friend who is studying it is very helpful and day 1 is already turning in to a good day. It is funny as I feel better already and only started. Maybe it is all that protein I consumed this morning for breakfast. 

So I will be posting up photos later in the weekend. I will also weigh myself tomorrow morning first thing so you know where I am starting at. (Seeing you are the only probably reading this Shelly I will do the photos- eeekkkk). 

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