Tuesday, November 19, 2013

12 Week Challenge results.

Okay so not liking the before and after photos but I had to do them so here they are. 
4.8kgs lost, 25cms lost and went from 20% body fat down to 15% which was my goal. I didn't quite get down to my goal weight of 65kgs but I was happy with 65.1kgs LOL. I hate my stomach in these photos but I guess I should be proud seeing I have had three kids and three c-sections - my tummy ain't too bad. Still a work in progress and guessing it always will be. I can live with that. I am enjoying my fitness right now. 

Below are some photos from the 12 Week Challenge Gala dinner. Was an awesome night and was even told by one of the female trainers at my gym that I had a smoking bod. Fabulous compliment and was chuffed to hear it. 
 Terri and I before we went in to the dinner.
Terri was nice enough to give me a lift to the dinner. She is also one of the Spartan's
in my training group. 

 Photo that hubby took of me at home. Love this dress.