Sunday, March 20, 2011

Been a while

So sorry girls for not updating you all for a while. I have been busy and just have lost track of everything.

I am pleased to say that I am under 80kgs now. I weighed myself this morning and now weigh 78.8kgs. I am so so so rapt. I have upped my exercise to two walks a day if I can manage it as well as my usual Zumba classes twice a week. I am finding that even though I am tired from getting up early in the morning I have more energy - if that makes any sense at all. Hubby is on holidays for the next three weeks so I am sure I will be able to get lots of walking and exercising in - although the front garden is getting a major overhaul so I will hopefully be out there working all those muscles. LOL.

How is everyone else going....???
I decided to buy myself some more Green Coffee 800. It is basically just like Green Tea but in powdered coffee form so it is perfect for me. I am obviously still retaining a lot of water as I am peeing like a trooper. LOL. I suppose it is a good thing as it is making me drink more water.

Okay that is my update for now. I found a new product that I love. Lorna Jane Pammy Crop. Even if you have big breasts like me they look super good with the padding (which I have never had in a bra) and it also gives you really good support. I now have three of them - white, black and pink.

Take care
Pammy Crop