Monday, February 21, 2011

New Scales

Okay seeing my hubby was sick of me complaining about our scales he cashed in some Flybuys points and got me a new electronic bathroom scales. I am not too sure about it as I have to go through a lot of things to get to just weighing myself but I guess I will get used to it. So on the new scales I weight 82.1kgs. So what I will now do it go by my starting weight on the scales at Zumba in Melbourne. So that means I have lost 4.6kgs in 5wks. I must say I am disappointed as I was hoping for 1kg a week but I guess I should be thankful that I am losing no matter how much I lose.

Feeling very tired and have no energy today. Getting up at the butt crack of dawn is not helping. This morning the sun wasn't even up yet when I got home and that was at 6.20am. Ahhh I hate walking in the dark. Think the treadmill will start being used soon if this weather continues too. One thing I hate about the treadmill is I get bored. I can't seem to motivate myself to keep walking. Instead of a 40min walk I can only manage 20mins. I hope I can get over that but who knows.

How is everyone else weightloss going...??
Hope you are having much sucess.


1 comment:

  1. Hi Tracey

    Wow, 4.6kg in 5 weeks is great!!!

    Well done!

    I'm not doing so well, what with the evacuation and then starting the new job I have gone off track.

    Michelle :-)