Saturday, February 12, 2011

I have lost..... mind. LOL. JJ.....!!!!!!

Nah. I did some measuring last night. Even though I have not lost any kg's this week I have lost cm's. Are you ready....??? I have lost 2cms off my waist and 4cms off my hips. Woot....!!!! All that walking is starting to pay off. I must admit though I am a little disappointed in myself for not losing any weight but hoping that means I have actually built some muscle. I am feeling fit but sometimes I am so tired during the day from getting up early in the morning for a walk that I just fall asleep when I sit on the couch. I am trying to get early nights but that is not working. I don't want to have to give up my hobbies just for the sake of exercising so pfffttttt I will endure - as always.

I really am trying my hardest not to 'force' the kids not to have treats but when they are in the house the temptation is sometimes too much. This week - I am ashamed to say it - but the kids had lollies so I had some too. Not as many as I would have in the past but I had some none the less. I also am trying to find fun cakes etc to make and let the kids eat. Am going to do it mainly for birthdays etc but I am trying to practice so I don't make an awful mess of things when the time comes. Yet again that is another temptation so I do have to be careful. I guess it comes down to a lot of will power.

Anyway have a great weekend my lovely followers. Have a great Monday.

Happy Valentines....!!!!!!


  1. Well done Tracey, keep up the good work. I too am trying to lose weight, I started about 4 weeks agot and have lost just under 5kgs, its a nice feeling when your clothes start to get loose. Got a way to go but one stap at a time. Good luck and thanks for sharing.
    Sue xo