Saturday, February 5, 2011

So proud of myself

Okay so it is nearly the end of Week 3 of the 12 Week Weightloss Challenge at Zumba in Melbourne so I thought I would brave the scales again. On Monday 31st Jan I jumped on the scales at Zumba and I weighed the same as my starting weight. I will be honest I was crushed but it was at night and I had been eating all day and just did an hour session of Zumba and drank lots of water. Anyway, I thought I would brave the scales again here at home. I closed my eyes and then I looked. Oh thank god. I have lost a total of 3.2kgs in 3 weeks. Yay...........!!!! So very excited. I have been getting lots of support from Amy (Zumba instructor). I really would love to win this challenge. I really do think that this year is my year for personal growth and acceptance (but would love to get down to a manageable weight).

I have been watching 'The Biggest Loser'. Hahahaha so funny. Isn't it funny how large people have all the excuses not to keep going which is what got them there in the first place. Kinda need to get in the right headspace before taking of such a big task. I was astounded by how much weight the trainers put on in just a week. Eating lots of junk and not doing any exercise did the job. Most of them put on like 5kgs each in a week. Now I would love to lose that in a week not put it on but just shows how easy it is. Is it any wonder they are so large. I love Jodie from the Moon family. She is a mum too and she has struggled but she is pushing and is an inspiration. I say great work to her.

That is all.
Have a good weekend.

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  1. Hi Tracey

    Wow, that is so awesome!!!

    Keep it up girl!

    Michelle :-)