Saturday, July 6, 2013

New trainer, new things happening

Seeing only one person actually reads this I don't know whether it is worth it but hey - who cares.

I started with a new trainer 5wks ago and started on a new 'Cutting Plan'. It involves 'Intermittent Fasting' - which is essentially 14hr fast from your last meal of the day. So my last 'meal' is at 10.30 at night and I now have my first 'meal' at 12.30pm - so 14hrs. If I am not going to the gym or working out in any way I have to go until 2pm until my first meal.

It was incredibly hard the first week. I almost gave in after 3 days. Headaches, feeling lousy, no energy but by day 4 I was good. Had the energy I was lacking. I am allowed to have a cheat meal once a week - dirty as I like, so my body gets all the missing macros (I think that is what it is) from the week.

My meal plan is broken up like this:

10.30am (provided I train at 11am) - 2 Green Tea extract tabs, 1 Carnitine tab, black coffee with 1 TBS of coconut oil (yum).

12.30 - Hydrowhey shake with Waxy maize

2pm - Low carb shake with 100g sweet potato

3pm - 150g meat with raw salad/vegies, 15g coconut oil,  2x CLA's, multivitamin, fish oil and digestive enzymes.

6pm - Same as 3pm but no multivitamin. 15ml Flaxseed oil and only 5g coconut oil.

9pm - exactly the same as 3pm.

10.30 - Casein shake.

That is it. Easy right. Nope. It is extremely hard but I am already seeing results and have lost some weight - yay. Will weigh myself on Monday to see what I am and then I will (hopefully) get my PT to do my measurements. Yay. Cross your fingers for me.
Picture of me just before my 12wk challenge dinner.
I love this dress - and I got suitably drunk.

Thanks for taking the time. 


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