Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 5 - Rest day

Okay before I start Shelly I have forgotten to write down some things I ate today and I can't remember what I am missing. Sorry

7am - Protein smoothie (95cals/21g pro), 50g Yoghurt (35cals/4.9g Pro), 25g untoasted muesli (106.5c/4.4g Protein)

Total = 236.5 cals, 30.3g protein

12.30 - Chicken sausage roll (homemade) - 317cals

Mid arvo - apple 70cals

Celery sticks x 3 - 14 cals

6.30pm - Roast lamb 400cals (estimation as I can't find on my calorie calculator)
                vegies - 40cals

Total = 1077.50 cals

As I said I am missing something here but just can't remember what it is.

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