Saturday, January 22, 2011

Woot we have some success

I woke up this morning and thought I would jump on the scales before coffee and breakfast. I was a little scared that it wouldn't show any difference but it said 88.7kgs (different starting weight on my scales to Zumba in Melbourne scales). Woot. That means I have lost 1kg already in 5days. I am so stoked you would not believe.

I have been having serious sugar withdrawals though. Thursday night after I got back from Zumba I was feeling quite nauseous and had a mega headache. I went to bed pretty early (for me anyway). I did ride home on my bike that night too and boy talk about insects. I nearly had a nice meal of them. Thankfully I wear glasses coz I am sure they would have been in my eyes. Such a difference when it goes dark to when I rode down there.

So I am getting there. The headaches are going to be worth it. Hopefully they will disappear in the next week or so.

Oh forgot to say on Monday the 17th that it was officially the Anniversary DH and I gave up smoking. Woo hoo. I am officially a 'Non Smoker'. So excited.

have a good weekend ladies.


  1. Hey, way to go Tracey!! Excellent start!!

    Congrats on giving up smoking too. You are definitely moving in the right direction.

    Michelle :-)

  2. Yay!! That's awesome! Great start hun! I am so proud! :D