Monday, January 24, 2011

Is there any such thing as good takeaway...???

I really don't think there is a good takeaway. What do you think....???? My family got fish and chips last night - and no I did not cave. I got myself some 'grilled' fish. To tell you the truth it didn't looked very grilled to me. I did eat a nice salad with it too but it wasn't the healthiest. It was coated with flour - I think. Hmmmmm.

I haven't been to a restaurant yet but will venture out to probably Hogsbreath soon as they have the best steak. No sauce of course. Salad or vegies. Hmmm last time I went and got vegies they were too under cooked for my liking so thinking salad is the way to go.

As for my exercise. Still going for a walk every morning at 5. 45am (at least that is when I get up). Get home at 6.30am every morning. During the day I am doing lots of small sessions of squats, pilates ab work and weights for my fabby arms. If you aren't sore than I don't think you are doing it right or doing enough reps. I feel good if I am sore in the morning.....!!!! LOL.

Okay enough babbling from me.

Just thought I would show you the yummy omelette I
had for breakfast the other morning.
Capsicum and spinach with some cheese. OMG delish.

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  1. Hi Tracey

    Well done on making good choices. I admire your will power!

    I'm with you Hogs Breath steaks YUM!

    That omlette looks delicious, I haven't cooked myself and omlette years, fell inspired now to cook one up this week.

    Michelle :-)