Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just Lois Gymwear Collection

I have found an absolutely fabulous gymwear collection at Just Lois. This gear is super stylish and it is also oh so cheap. I am so happy I found it. Bought only a couple things for now and if they turn out the way I am hoping I will be buying lots more.

Okay so day one was challenging but it is only the first day. I changed a lot of foods around as I didn't like some of the foods that we were supposed to eat. It is a challenge after all and it is not a dictatorship so I should be allowed to eat what I like when I like. It is all my fault if I am eating the wrong things - right....!!!!! I found some yummy recipes yesterday online so am really excited about using them but will wait until I have done one week and see what Jason has to say about what I should be eating.

Ashley is really interested in my exercising. She does sometimes get in the way but she is pretty good with it all. Hoping this will be how she is when the boys go to school and kinder and will be able to do all my workouts during the day and not have to worry about nighttime exercise. Woot. I am going out later this morning and as soon as we get back I will try out some of the workout exercises from Bodyrock today. Woot. Wish me luck. I am not strong in the muscles and there are lots of swats.


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  1. Way to go Tracey!! Well done you on giving yourself a good kickstart.

    I need to do this. My youngest starts school (in four sleeps, Boo hoo) and this would be a great time for me to focus on me for a change.

    I am the same height as you so given that I am (approx) 76kg that would mean I have 12kg to lose.

    Might set myself up a new little blog and "play" along with you.

    Michelle :-)