Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 1

It is day one of the 12 Week challenge. Am so excited. Full of energy. Got up at 5.45am and went for a 40min walk. Feeling a little sore this morning from all the exercises I was 'practicing' yesterday so I can get my big butt in to gear.

Did an Ideal Weight calculation and according to my height and age I should be about 64kgs. Thank god. Every other time I have done one of those I am supposed to be about 54kgs but then again I was putting in my height wrong. I am 4cms taller than I thought I was. LOL. Woot. Now I can realistically get down to that weight. So that means I have to lose 22kgs. I really do think that is so possible. Woot. Another good morning.

The video in yesterdays post is fabulous. I did the 10min workout. OMG the last one - T's up - where you roll up to a sitting position was a killer. My abs etc are so sore now but - of course in a good way. Tomorrow I will be trying out one of the workouts by Zuzana here. Now that is a rock hard body that I would love to achieve. I bought myself an Interval Timer (the one that she uses). Can't wait until it arrives. I would love to get the Dip Station/stand but they don't ship to Australia and noone stocks them here. I have emailed them and waiting for a reply but am not liking my chances but will have to see.

Trying to work out what snack to have now.
Have a good day everyone.

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