Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday is leg day for me

First and foremost. OMG what was I thinking with the pursed lips in the right of the picture. Idiot I say....!!!! Seriously girl how stupid do you look. Hmmm anyway....!!!!

Check. Weight today was 68.7kgs. Eeeeekkkkk...!!! I did not want to jump on the scales - better to do today then jump on next Monday the first day of registration for the Maxines Shape up challenge and get a shock. But 3.1kgs is not bad considering the time between the challenge - of course it ain't good either. Suck it up and try and be good this week. Ahhh back to really bad eating habits again. Argh I could kick myself. 

So for me today was Leg day. I did Chest & Triceps on Saturday and Back & Biceps yesterday. Am currently taking/drinking Alpha Cuts - fat burner. Nearly out so will be just in the nick of time for the Challenge to start. Am disappointed that Maxine's haven't got theirs available just yet. I want to try it out so desperately. I will get some Betapump too. Love the Blue Ice. Hmmm that blue tongue mayhem is calling (:P Danni LOL). 

So today I did a few things but not too many things. I wanted to ease back in to it a little today - but here goes.

Today's workout:

Squat to sit - 20 reps x 4 sets
Superset: Good mornings x 20 (15kgs preweighted bar) with walking lunges 12ea leg - 4 sets
Superset: Hack squat with abbuctors x 4 sets. 
Plank for time - 1min 5secs (need to work on that)

finished with 20mins steady state cardio. Told you it was easy. Easing back in to it. Easing back in to it baby. 

Anyway was a good session and my hamstrings are sore so must have been a quality workout. 

What did you all get up to today...???

See you tomorrow. 

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