Sunday, July 26, 2015

Back day back day back day

I am back at the gym after 1 and a bit weeks off. Yesterday I did a massive Chest session and am so sore today. It certainly makes a difference when you aren't doing anything or at least working those pesky muscles in to shape.

So today was Back day for me. 

My workout as follows: 

Wide grip lat pull down 
Close grip seated row 
Superset: DB single arm row, high pull up right row, seated bent over delt raises.
Superset: BB bicep curls with straight arm raises.
Finish with leg raises and underhand chin ups (until failure).

I am a gym selfie junkie. I love taking selfies. I swear sometimes people look at me like I am some kind of idiot but it makes for an interesting session coz I am trying to now get creative with my photos. 

I am sure I will be sore tomorrow. This workout is very similar to the Maxines - 9-12wk workout on the Get Strong Program. Was a good one.

Have a great one. Off to meet up with girlfriends for a shopping afternoon. 


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