Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ready to go - Can I do this....???

Firstly. Today. Shoulder day. Did a Massive session. My shoulders, arms and abs are all sore. Yes I probably didn't do too much abs but it is better than the small amount I have been doing. I felt pumped. Ready. 

My workout today was:

Seated shoulder press. SS- seated lateral raises with bent over flies. Alternating front raises with tricep push up (on step). Single arm bent over DB row with unilateral upright rows. 4sets of reverse crunches x 20 . Finished with 20mins stepper and 10 mins steady state.

I have been using Alpha Cuts and just ran out today - can you believe that. I am yet to get my greedy little hands on the Maxines XT Burn which was released this week but all the stores in my area don't have it yet. 

So in saying that - I went out and bought me some Betapump. Whoop whoop. Love this stuff but was dying to try the XT Burn. I guess I might have to alternate on days when I do get my hands on it. Here comes the Blue Tongue Bandit Squad - watch out Danni. LOL. 

So I got myself ready for the next challenge. I have my preworkout. Woot. I have 10 weeks (approx) of Protein powder. The bag at the front of the picture below is nearly a full 1.25kg bag of vanilla from my 2.5kg box. I love the night time. I love making mug cakes with the protein powder. The mug cakes are a lot more filling (for me) than having a shake. Coz it has a cake consistency it fills you right up and you don't feel as hungry when going to bed. Of course, if you do what I do and drink at least one litre of water while watching TV of a night time (or whatever you do) then you shouldn't feel it as much. Of course - haven't been doing that at all lately. I actually am still 69.3kgs. Looks like I will be starting the next challenge on Monday 3rd August at that weight. We will see. Likelihood of me losing weight over the next couple of days are slim but that is okay. I have a good starting point.

4 weeks worth of protein bars. Um - probably not the way I eat them but you know. Better than a proper chocolate bar - right....!!!!! LOL.

Have a good one.

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