Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We have a loss

After sitting at a weight of 76kgs - 77.5kgs since April we finally have a weight that is under that. My plateau is broken. From last Monday to Thursday (was unaware that weigh in day was Wednesday) I lost 0.7kgs - Yay....!!! Woot woot....!!!!! From Thursday to today I have lost 0.9kgs. So I have lost a total of 1.6kgs. I am stoked. That means I now weigh 75.8. Woo hoo....!!! I am super duper excited. Bring it baby.

I must admit that it is a major adjustment to drop the calories down to 1200 a day. To snack or not to snack - which in the end would bring the total down again. I, unfortunately, cannot drop down to about 900-1000 calories a day. Physically impossible for me.

Another thing I am missing is a Polar. I refuse to buy one. Why....??? Because I refuse to let calories rule my life. I do enough exercise in my day - 30min walk first thing every morning, plus four sessions of 1hr Zumba - to warrant not getting one. Plus I truly don't want to spend the money. Anyone want to give me one...?? No didn't think so LOL. Truly I do refuse to let this rule my life, I have three kids that take up too much of my time to have another obsession to replace the food that I am trying to cut out. So that said - I say bravo to all of you who have the time and the patience to do the counting.

Hope you are all doing well on the challenge. If you are not doing the challenge - hope you are still enjoying my silly little rambling.


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  1. Bravo Tracey! Actually, it’s a good sign that you love your exercise routine. That would motivate you to keep on going. On the other hand, the worst dilemma you’ll get to experience is ignoring your favorite high-calorie snacks. Haha. It’s another challenge for you to achieve your goal to be fit.

    Opal Oneal