Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Welcome to my new followers. It is nice to know that people would like to hear about my weight loss journey even when sometimes it can be quite boring.

Due to the preseason start for the 12WBT yesterday I thought I would start my change in diet yesterday as well. It again is hard. I have been bombarding my body with so much sugary foods that I put on the weight but now I am also getting the sugar withdrawals. I was expecting them - it was only a matter of time - but does not lesson the fact that the horrible headaches have started but crossing my fingers that they only last for the first week, just like on the Zumba challenge.

I do feel better though - already - I know. But in the same breath I need to say that I am feeling hungry - a lot. LOL. Not to worry. I was eating far too much and now I am down to 6 small meals a day. Good for my body right....!!!!!???? I don't know - you tell me.

This is a 'Dip Station' that I purchased from here. I have had it for over a month and haven't used it much yet but watch out. I am gonna have guns like you wouldn't believe. Unfortunately the hot guy didn't come with it. Damn....!!!!! LOL. Seriously though this is great for pull ups and (I think they are called) knee raises. Probably not but if you do go have a look at the site it shows you what can be done on it.

Okay off now. Dinner is calling. Low fat rissoles (home made of course) with steamed vegies. Yummo.


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  1. It's definitely hard going from eating far too much (fat, sugar, etc), to 6 small/medium meals a day.
    Yesterday I weighed out my first breakfast - where I would usually fill the bowl .. it now looked like I'd finish it in 4 mouthfuls and think ..How could this ever fill me up?